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My mission in life at this moment in time is  to work for spirit with the highest integrity I can. To continue to share Spirits messages for the purposes of love and healing, to do my very best in proving to you that “Life Like Love Lives On…”

Hello, I’m Jeannie Hopkins and I am a Intuitive Medium. I live in Malta, New York with my wonderful husband Brent. We have been married for 25 years and have two fantastic children, my daughter Hannah and my son Tristan. I also love my animals “Chicco” a tea cup chihuahua and “Indy” our new gray Maine coon cat. I am very close to my Mom and my two Sisters and I cherish every moment we have together with family and friends.

I learned of my ability to connect to the Spirit world in my 30’s. This time in my life my family and I lost 12 family members in a span of 18 months. It all started with my husbands mother (Terry) who passed unexpectedly on mothers day at the young age of 59. From there we lost my brother in law, great grand parents, grandparents , aunts and uncles and our family pets. While cleaning out Terry’s home we found a card to a medium. After meeting a wonderful friend and medium Gloria, I held group readings with Gloria at my home and was inspired by the healing, I witnessed people  embrace the fact that their loved ones are still around them,loving them and trying to connect to them all the time. This is where my journey began as a Spiritual Medium and I continue today working for Spirit, sharing there messages and proving to people that “Life Like Love Lives ON…”That is where my passion began, ever since those days I have been working with Spirit. Through this wonderful path I have been able to meet and learn from some great mediums and healers from around the world.

In 2008 I opened Light and Love Readings, along with private readings I also offer group readings, give a variety of workshop and development classes geared towards soul growth and mediumship. In 2014 I started offering live gallery events out of my office, by 2015 I started holding them in a local event center to be able to accommodate the growing interest. In 2018 I started “Voices From Heaven Tour”. This is a live gallery event that travels  to cities and towns around the State of Maine and soon to the State of New York. This event continues to grow and I am very excited to see it expand. I am able to reach more people and I enjoy the opportunity to be able to work with Spirit and continue the healing process for so many.

I would like to personally thank each and everyone who has supported me, I give thanks to all my sitters who have trusted me in channeling thier loved ones. I want to give a huge thank you to my husband Brent! It is because of his love and support in me and his dedication to both me and the Spirit world that this has all been able to happen.

I have witnessed so many beautiful ways of healing for my clients. Spirit is always loving and truthful, this brings an understanding and compassion which leads to forgiveness. This forgiveness frees the soul from carrying these experiences in a negative way and allows us to move forward,to live the best life we can.

I have also witnessed countless ways of spirit communicating what they have witnessed in their loved ones daily lives. Proving that we do not walk here without them and life like love lives on. Spirit loves us and watches us daily, experiencing this and knowing this from Spirit brings us great peace.
I have personally learned so much from Spirit and it certainly changed how I see the world! I use Spirits wisdom everyday in my life. I truly want everyone to have this same knowledge, to have love and respect for yourself and others. I want people to look for the good in everyone and every hard situation. That is where life’s biggest gifts are, and it’s how we grow.

My vision is for you to walk with a loving heart … not a hardened heart. To be able to view this change in your life is so beautiful I wish it for everyone!

Light and Love to you all!

My passion

As I work with Spirit I understand that we must all learn to forgive and grow. Grow not only from our mistakes but from others who have had an impact on our life.

It healed my heart in ways I never thought I could.

I can’t say enough about my reading with Jeannie at her gallery. She gave a life changing reading to my daughter and myself. The next morning I felt totally different about the past…it healed my heart in ways I never thought I could. Thank you Jeannie.


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