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Profound messages

Jeannie is amazing. I attended a reading at the Ramada Inn and she channeled a very dear friend of mine that had passed just a week prior. The message was profound and gave me the motivation I needed to take some giant leaps of faith in my life. I highly recommend the beautiful work she is doing and the amazing gifts she has been given.


Beautiful soul

Jeannie is a beautiful soul, she connected me to my dad, my grandmothers & other family members. I highly recommended her to anyone wanting to connect to their loved ones , they will be forever thankful they met her.


Amazing experience

Amazing experience. I really think Jeannie saved my sanity after losing my son. She is wonderful, kind and sweet. I would highly recommend Jeannie!


She is incredible!!

Jeannie connected with my dad in my private reading and this reading actually saved my life! She is amazing, my husband called her after I got out of the hospital and Thanked her!!! She is incredible!!!! She has also connected with my son on many occasions.


Love and understanding

Jeannie is a Beautiful Soul with a True Connection to our Loved ones. She is also willing to show you how to "connect" yourself, sharing her Love & Light. Her Kindness, Love & Understanding allows her to stand out amongst the Crowd. If you have a chance to sit with her, then you have been Blessed.


I was able to get closure

Thank you is not enough... I left my reading feeling better than I have in such a long time. I was able to get closure and healing I did not even know I needed. My Nana and my Mom came through and I have not one doubt that Jeannie was connected to them. I can not explain what a blessing it was to meet you! What Jeannie does is a miracle- at least it was in my life. So , in the absence of anything more profound, I thank  you from the bottom of my heart.


It healed my heart in ways I never thought I could.

I can't say enough about my reading with Jeannie at her gallery. She gave a life changing reading to my daughter and myself. The next morning I felt totally different about the past...it healed my heart in ways I never thought I could. Thank you Jeannie.


I felt like I was hearing directly from them

WOW! That is the first word that comes to mind after experiencing a gallery reading with Jeannie. I have had many readings over the past years but Jeannie is the first to be so incredibly detailed about the characteristics and personality of my loved ones. I felt like I was hearing directly from them. The feeling you get when you leave is hard to explain, you feel lighter, happier and empowered to do good. I woke up the next morning with a big smile on my face because I now have a knowing that I will be reunited with my loved ones and also that there energy and soul has never left. I highly recommend Jeannie!!


Always enjoy your readings

I always enjoy your readings and the messages you bring through to people. Very loving, thanks.


very healing

I am so glad I came. The experience was very healing for me. I didn't really want to hear from the two people who came through, but when I felt there presence I did want to clear the air, if you will. It is so good to know that.


I felt the connection

Thank you, I felt a warm feeling and felt connected to my Father through you.


A kind and honest medium

We always have a great time at our readings with Jeannie. The environment is always comfortable and welcoming. Jeannie is a kind medium who offers love to all. Thank you for all that you do to allow us to connect with our loved ones who have crossed over.

Jennifer & Taylor

I was amazed at the clarity

I was amazed at the clarity and knowledge Jeannie can channel. The only one who knew the truth of my relationship with my Dad- was Jeannie. My fathers brother helped bring through my Dad to apologize and explain why......Thank you Jeannie!

T. Abbott

A rare gift!

You are a beautiful person with a rare gift, thank you so much for sharing it with us.



Wow!! What a reading! I asked for my dad and my friend who had passed to come through and boy did they!! I received the messages I needed and can't thank Jeannie enough!


Very interesting and relaxing

Very interesting, very relaxing. Jeannie brought back old memories and very old family members. When she mentioned Uncle Charlie I almost jumped out of my chair. I am going back very soon.


Thank you for touching my heart and soul!

I really didn't know what to expect. Jeannie made me feel so comfortable and welcomed. My connection to my son was sad and comforting at the same time. Thank you for touching my heart and soul with "my boy." I will be back again!


She was spot on!

Jeannie was able to connect with my Dad and Gram. She was spot on with all of her information! She was an important instrument in me finding a little more peace in my heart. I am beyond thankful to know her. Already looking forward to my next reading. Much love and many blessings!



Amazing experience- spent most of the session with tears flowing as what Jeannie conveyed was so real! She conveyed what my parents wanted me and my family to know. Incredible!!


Very touching and personal

This reading with Jeannie was an amazing reading! I was somewhat skeptical in the beginning, always wished we could communicate with our loved ones. This evening was right on and very touching and personal. You truly touched my heart and I thank you!


Couldn’t have been more accurate!

I am thrilled with my reading with Jeannie! She couldn't have been more accurate in her evidence and also was very comforting. The whole experience was very positive and warmed my soul! Thank you Jeannie for being you!


Every message was spot on!

I had a few readings in the past that were fair to so-so at best. I was totally blown away during my reading with Jeannie. Every message was spot on!! I can not say enough about Jeannie, just love her! She makes you feel comfortable the second you walk through the door. So lookinf foward to my next reading.


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